Gardening Tips For Your Lovely Garden

Gardening Tips For Your Lovely Garden

Who doesn’t like plush green environment around him/her? With spring in the air and flowers blooming, the scent of flowers can be felt in the air. Bright sun and warm weather further provides a suitable medium for plants to grow. Today we will give you some tips, to bring out the best in your garden.

Space is often a problem faced by many people, so we will discuss something about indoor gardening; outdoor lawns, bonsai planting for your office and home space.

Your balcony or corner areas of the home can be decorated and utilized by keeping beautiful plants, but make sure you keep the following things in mind, before doing so.

ADEQUATE SUNLIGHT: Make sure there is adequate sunlight for the plant, although plants like pothos (money plant) can be kept in shaded areas and inside the room, but there should be adequate sunlight and ventilation.

POTS: When you are keeping the plants indoor whether in home or office, choose a plastic pot with a tray underneath rather than an earthen pot, to avoid fungi from sticking the pot and for keeping the area clean. Also make sure the hole at the bottom of the pot should be kept open before keeping the plant inside as excess of water may lead to its decay.

SOIL AND MANURE: A good garden soil mixed with fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium in the ratio of 20-20-20 is healthy for the plants. But make sure not to make an overdose of it. A thumb rule is to add one tablespoon of it in 1 gallon of water. Also, add fertilizer after every six months and keep looking for signs such as young leaves turning yellow, depicting phosphorus and copper deficiency.

WATERING: Should be done keeping in mind the needs and requirements of plants as plants like cactus needs water once in 2 days and pothos twice a day.

PESTS: Keeping control on pests is important to protect plants from damage. But one must recognize that earthworm, ants, ladybugs are good for the health of plants. Hence, use of artificial pesticides should be avoided or used in low doses. Also, weak infected plants can be pulled out, infected tools should be cleaned and pests repellent plants called as ‘companion plants’ can be kept nearby.


POTHOS: easy to keep and air purifying properties, it is a creeper so it can be made to grow in any direction.

ALOE: need dry soil and good sunlight, has medicinal properties.

ENGLISH IVY: beautiful plant with less space requirement, trails down to give a beautiful effect. Keep in cool place or shaded area.

JADE PLANT: less need for water and space, thick lush leaves for picturesque effect.


For outdoor gardening, it is better to put plants which can bear direct sunlight and cold.

Germinating seeds can be sown or bulbs can be grafted. Seeds, bulbs, small plants can be availed from nearby nursery.

Earthen pots should be preferred over plastic ones for ease in evaporation. Also plants can be grown directly on land for growth over a larger area.

SOIL should be regularly tilted and composite mixture and manure should be added for healthy growth of plants.

You can prune the plants to give them desired shape and size. Dead leaves and branches should be removed for new branches to come in.


Annuals (live for single year) like dianthus, marigold, balsam are good to grow, perennial (live for many years) has beautiful plants like roses and water lilies.
Ornamental shrubs like crotons, aralia gives an aesthetic appearance to your garden.

I hope you will use some of these tips and enjoy your garden blooming…