Lawn Decoration – Make Your Garden Stand Out From The Rest

Lawn Decoration – Make Your Garden Stand Out From The Rest

Nearly everyone wants a garden that is not only beautiful and manicured, but also one that stands out, draws attention and is the envy of all the neighbors. There are a few things that can be done that will make this wish a reality.First, a well manicured lawn is necessary. The plush green grass will be the envy of any passer-by. However, this isn’t always an easy task. First, make sure your grass is suited for the area you live in. Not all grass can survive the below zero temperatures of the northern mid-west. The right type of grass will thrive in the zone you live in. This is easily indicated on the bags of grass seed or found on the internet.

Once you have achieved the grass of your dreams, it is time to move on to flowers. Again, like grass, it is important to choose the proper flowers for your growing zone.

Also, choose flowers that are suited to your level of skills. Some flowers, while very beautiful, require a lot of time and care to keep them looking beautiful. If you don’t have the time to constantly care for your garden, choose flowers that are self sufficient and require little to no care. While your garden may look beautiful when you first plant it, if you don’t maintain, it will just look sad and unkempt.

Another great addition to make your garden stand out is to choose a great lawn decoration or two to make yours unique. Visiting a garden center, you will see just how many of these great lawn ornaments are available. Start by choosing something that relates to your garden and your gardening style. If you are looking to have that secret garden look of a cottage, you may choose something like a gazing ball or a small, whimsical fountain.

For those who want to create their own piece of lawn decoration, you can build a wishing well. You can purchase plans to create a cute little cedar wishing well or something bigger if you have the space. They are relatively easy to build and do not require a vast knowledge of construction or carpentry to create.

They are available in many different sizes as well. And who knows, if you become good enough at making them, you may just be able to create a small business out of making and selling them.

Whatever you choose, your garden will become the envy of your neighborhood if you just take the time to plan it out correctly, choose the correct plants for your growing zone and keep it well manicured and groomed. Another thing to remember is a well cared for garden increases the value of your home and can actually raise the property value in your neighborhood.